Hand Carry Bags

$2.50 Ea
Buy 10pcs and Above @ $2ea
Size: 34x28x9cm

Ben10 Blue

Ben10 Green

Hello Kitty Blue

Hello Kitty Pink

Hello Kitty Purple

Mickey Blue

Princess Pink

Spiderman Green

Spiderman Yellow

Party Goody Bags


Buy 11pcs and Above @ $1.40ea
Material: Non-woven
Size: 33 x 27cm


Angry Bird Blue

Angry Bird Green

Angry Bird Pink

Angry Bird Yellow


Cars Blue

Cars Red

Cars Mater

Dora Blue

Dora Green

Dora Pink

Dora Purple

Hello Kitty Apple

Hello Kitty Bear

Hello Kitty Pencil

Hello Kitty Draw Purple

Mickey Blue

Mickey Green

Mickey Pink (PreOrder)

Mickey Yellow

Pooh Blue

Pooh Green

Pooh Pink

Pooh Yellow

Princess Bees

Princess Birds

Princess Hearts

Princess Stars

Spongebob 1

Spongebob 2

Spongebob 4

Spongebob Blue

Strawberry Shortcake Dog

Strawberry Shortcake

Spiderman Blue

Spiderman Red (PreOrder)

Toy Story Blue

Toy Story Green

Winx Pink

Winx Rose 3

Winx Rose 5

Winx Purple

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